Hand pump IZOPRESS GOLD on the stand
Hand pump IZOPRESS GOLD on the stand
28 December 2016
IZOPRESS 400 – Membrane injection pump
IZOPRESS 400 – Membrane injection pump
31 December 2016
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Injection pump IZOPULSA 1K

Injection pump IZOPULSA 1K

Catalogue number 06038

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IZOPULSA 1K is pneumatic reciprocating pump which is combining advantages of relatively small dimensions with high pressure output. Solid build up and construction of IZOPULSA 1K pump is guarantee of long service live and economical operation. IZOPULSA 1K pump is especially suitable to pump injecting substances with high viscosity. During its operation this pump is not producing heat so it is not  increasing temperature of pumped material. Low weight and compact dimensions are benefi cial for comfort of operators during injecting works. Pump parts which are in contact with injection material are made of stainless steel. Pump can be equipped with injection valve or injection pistol.

Technical information:

Maximum output 3 l/min
Transmission ratio 33:1
Maximum working pressure 260 bar
Compressor: minimal output 200 l/min
Maximum pressure 8 bar
Container 6l
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