Machine gun insert for 1/4 'lances
Machine gun insert for 1/4 ‘lances
13 January 2017
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Concrete Spraying Machine (Gunite Machine) – SSB 14
3 February 2017
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Torkretnica maszyna do betonu SSB24

Concrete Spraying Machine (Gunite Machine) – SSB 24

Catalogue number 06063


Concrete spraying machine series „SSB 24“ have been designed for spraying concrete and refractory mixtures in the so-called dry way when the transported mixture gets moistened at the moment of spraying. The main advantage of this technology of spraying concrete is, in particular, its top rate of discharge from the jet (up to 30 m/s) which enables perfect consolidation of the concrete mixture and high strength of the sprayed concrete. Another important feature is the long distance transfer which enables the application of concrete mixture at hard to access places (up to 300 m horizontally and 100 m vertically).

Technical information:

Output 4-6 [m3/h]
Air consumption for transports of 40 m 6-8 [m3/min]
Air pressure [Mpa] 0,5-0,6 Mpa
Electromotor output [kW] 2,2; 1,87/2,6 kW
Mains connection 3xPEN 400V
Inner diameter for transport hoses [mm] DN=50
Granularity of transported material max. 16mm
Horizontal transport distance [m] max. 300 m
Vertical transport distance [m] max. 100 m
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