Second hand injection pumps

IZOPRESS 400 - high pressure membrane pump

for injection

There are few Izopress400 pumps for sale, which were used for from 3 months up to 2 years.

Excellent for injection with epoxy and polyurethane resins, Used also for sticking scratches and sealing construction.

Motor power: 0,75 kW
Power supply: 230V/50Hz
Delivery speed: 4 l/min
Max. working pressure: 220 bar
Container: 6l
Weight: 25 kg

We sell pumps in set with injection valve.

IZOPULSA 500 - low pressure pneumatic pump

for injection and spraying

There are 2 available used Izopulsa500 pumps. First was used for 1 year, second for 6 months.

Recommended for low pressure injection.
Used for sealing injection in walls and construction reinforcing.

Delivery speed: 21 l/min
Max. working pressure: 8 bar
Max. grain size 0,5 mm
Weight: 10 kg

We sell pumps in set with hoses.

DESOI - Reciprocating pump

for injection

There is 1 available Desoi pump after overhaul.
Recommended for structural and curtain injection and for dilatation sealing.

Delivery speed: 8,5 l/min
Max. working pressure: 10-200 bar
Max. air pressure: 8 bar
Mixing ratio: 1:1
Compression degree: 1:25
Weight: 50 kg
Rinsing pump:
Working pressure: 20-250 bar
Delivery speed: 3 l/min
Compression degree: 1:31
Air consumption : 500 l/min

INOBEAM M8 - peristaltic electric pump

for injection and spraying

Pump used for 6 months.
Used for sparying bituminous and mineral waterproofing and jointing.

Motor power: 0,55 kW
Power supply: 230V/55Hz
Delivery speed: 8 l/min
Working pressure: 1-15 bar
Grain size: 2 mm
Weight: 28 kg


for paint spraying and bituminous waterproofing

Pump used for about 1 year
Technical information:
max. material flow 23,0 l/min
max. working pressure 140 bar (2000 PSI)
max. nozzle size 0,075"
combustion engine Honda GX390 8kW (11 HP)