Steel packer_18x150-768x768
Steel packer ø 16×150 mm
28 February 2017
Steel packer 13/600 mm
Steel packer 13/600 mm
28 February 2017
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Steel packer 13/600 mm

Steel packer 13/900 mm

Catalogue number 01853


Used: Injections of the cracks. Sealing injections.
Epoxy resins, polyurethane resins, acrylic resins, aqueous solutions.
Description: High quality product. Good tightness. Perforated long rubber
provides very good fixing. Head has tube corpus which at given length
makes fixing much easier.

Adapted for high quality round head nipple or pan head nipple.

Diameter 13 mm
Clamping rubber 30 mm
Full length 900 mm

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